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I know I have not blogged any images and thoughts for a long time and yes it is down that rather common phenomenon known as a job that seems to take over your life without you really ever intending for it to do so, but I feel myself gradually returning form this moment of lust for the new job…the honeymoon period is definitely over and though i am not wanting a divorce darling I think we should stop seeing quite so much of each other… ;)

So, I am ready to refill my cup with the nicer things in life and share on my blog those things. 

And to begin with we go for the delicate touch, a light perfect fragile lace triangle bra from Carine Gilson in a soft rose nude set against the light box of a photo booth, seems so clinical!

And the bra, well one of the first things to strike me was…. what would the mating knickers be like? And should there be any if it takes that much thought, I think not but that is because I see these pieces of little masterpieces of craftsmanship and therefore I would not want to see this on the body.

But yet I would happily wear it, can you imaging how light that would feel against the skin and then every so often you would remember you were wearing it!! Haha brilliant, beautiful and now…. breathe.



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