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So a trip into Harrods the other week made me feel two extreme opposites… one is poor very poor the other is excited…more excited than anyone else in there!

I love the lingerie department in Harrods it is a place that dreams are made of…though in a way I did think it was lacking a little something in┬ásome areas, well I will sort that out once I’m head buyer for them, give me a few years to learn the ropes and I’ll have that place oooooooozing gorgeousness!

Anyway I digress… I whilst I was there went and inspected some of the lovely garments that are currently part of the La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration. A little about the details well its sheer and fluid, but structured. Revealing and thickly textured…understand? OK the ribbons run their way tenderly over the garments, either pointed bra cups or over the shoulders and breasts of slips creating form and structure, gorgeous surface embellishment and also a tantalisingly naughty bit of modesty. These garments are gorgeously crafted ad in true high end lingerie they take the most challenging of colour palettes and show us how to look fab in nude and navy blue… colours not easily sold in M&S… but as you can see here the shade is perfect and in black this garment just would never have held the same exquisite craft like elegance as it has.

So for me a wee individual who certainly doesnt have enough money to buy these sorts of things…well admire and go ome and consider stitching long lines of ribbons/bias binding/ lace/leatherette etc to garments that need to cover some areas and draw the eye in to other.

Gorgeous! Nx

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