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A strange company whos website has no new collections since 2010 but the fb is going strong.

Now like Bordelle these guys need to be warned not to become a one trick pony. They had phenomenal success with their asymmetric ruffle bikini and yes they are lovely. In fact I think all ruffle bikinis are great because you cant really wear ruffle bras, they make you’re sweater too lumpy its tricky to explain.

But a bikini is that perfect garment that is neither underwear our plain outerwear bt treated as both in one sense or another at some point I mean you wouldnt wear a bikini into the office it would be like going in your bra and panties. 

And you wouldn’t wear your underwear on the beach you would wear your bikini, you wouldn’t even wear your suit on the beach funny that isn’t it.

I love analysing how and why and where people will wear clothing and the way they wear clothing.

Now the best part of this image is the colours for me.

What a great choice for the photo-shoot! It’s got something right! I mean I love it! It has that lovely Scandinavian look that is so attractive.

Now just to gve you some info,

Mouille is pronounced “'moo-yay' & means wet or moist in French.”

Just incase you wanted to know.

Enjoy! nx

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