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Andres Sarda SS14 wow!

So lingerie designers don’t like to push themselves to outer(wear) limits. Well they probably initially trained in it, didn’t like it so went to higher grounds.

But Andres Sarda create bodywear to adorn the figure like paint to canvas moulded onto the most beautiful female figure.

These 4 images pick up on features that I current love
1) shorts/knickers
2) sleeved underwear… Or it it outerwear ooooo….
3) chaps or leg-warmers or are they just very hair stockings…?
4) super high hip cut panties, Jamie Lee-Curtis style in True Lies…

I just can’t say any more I’m too done!

Where’s Miss Portman…
Playing with different photographic layouts and places to pop things
Etsy has this incredible life concept photo look to it. I come from a background of product only photography in e commerce but it seems beautiful still life shots are just as important to covey a feeling story and mood, like a blog look to your shop.
These images taken in the front room are actually quite nice, whilst you cannot really see the garment details you can enjoy the notion of the knickers being somewhere, and that is what I want to achieve…. I just don’t want to make people think they can only wear them in my front room!


Mob wifey… (That sounded threatening!)
Watched Goodfellas at the weekend and I was a little bit in live with Karen Hill, shame Henry turns into an a hole but I’m not bothered about him. Instead I really liked the style that they dress her in, obviously it changes as they go through the decades if the film but early years is something that I really noticed and got a bit inspired by
Here are my keywords to bide by when creating the future Miss Hill…
Block colours, cutouts, Sicilian wife, lace underlay, bows, reds and pinks,
Not to mention the men are pretty inspiring too as the block colours all come across in the long shirt collars in white or ivory worn with black, silvery blue or tan jackets and then either red or subtlety patterned ties.
Yes it is the use of the blocks of colours and little pattern that I really love as its all bound together with a fiery red. Wonderful!
(I’m just pleased that there isn’t pinstripe around….I hate pinstripe underwear!)